About us

About Us

What we’re all about. It all started in a garage. In fact, we didn’t start as Machine & Fabrication at all. In 2012, Chennai - Machine building was established, focusing exclusively on providing Quality Machines and repair services to local companies.

By leveraging our experience and capabilities, was able to help this new enterprise get off the ground. A close, collaborative relationship was formed that continues to flourish to this day. After establishing ourselves in the foundations business, Machine & Fabrication diversified to provide complete laboratory solution for Section, Mounting, Lapping, Image Analysis to Hardness Testing, industrial repair, equipment manufacturing, and structural fabrication services to all kinds of companies and industries in the regional market.

Now, 5 years later, we are operating with over 10 specialized employees. Our company culture is rooted in competence and timeliness, which is why we run our operations 24 hours a day to deliver on our promise of quality and service with every project.

Service. Commitment. Quality. It’s what Yesaar Tech Engineering is all about. But you can simply call us YESAAR…….

Our Mission

We crave to be witnessed as the best world leader in material preparation and Analysis industry with the assurance to satisfy our users with innovative and impressive full laboratory solutions, Accessible service, support and subject to the knowledge that comes from our experience.