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Metallurgical Lab equipment manufacturers

What we’re all about. It all started in a garage. In fact, we didn’t start as Machine & Fabrication at all. In 2012, Chennai -mMachine building was established, focusing exclusively on providing Quality Machines and repair services to local companies. We are the manufacturers of Metallurgical Lab equipment & Instruments Suppliers in India. We are expert in manufacturing of Metallurgical Lab Instruments Supplies

  • Mounting
  • Lapping
  • Image Analysis to Hardness Testing
  • Industrial repair
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Why choose us?

Metallurgical Lab equipments

Metallographic Equipments

Advanced Technology

We are using advanced equipment in our company.

Metallographic Equipments

delivery on time

Our operations 24 hours a day to deliver on our promise of quality and service with every project.

Metallographic Equipments

Certified Engineers

are operating with over 10 specialized employees.

Metallurgical Lab equipments

Metallurgical Lab Equipment Manufacturing Process- Select your Solution

We provide innovative metallographic solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.

Our Metallographic Products

Metallographic Equipments Metta Cut 120
view project
Metta Cut 120
Metallographic Equipments Metta Pol
view project
Metta Pol
Metallographic Equipments Metta Cut
view project
Metta Cut
Metallographic Equipments Metta Cut 50
view project
Metta Cut 50
Metallographic Equipments Metta Mount H
view project
Metta Mount H

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